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Get an author signed copy of new Moon Dust Press release Herning, Herning, along with pre-order exclusive sticker sheets and a digital e-book PDF!

Herning, Herning follows young Herning on a childhood journey of magical discovery. Based on the author’s father’s tales of his own childhood spiritual experiences in the Philippines, Herning learns that he was born with the ability to save fellow villagers, but in order to access the magic inside of him, he must believe in his own abilities.

With roots in the ancient healing tradition of Hilot, Herning, Herning is a modern Filipino folktale that introduces children and families to the rich spiritual traditions of the philippines. Featuring a mini glossary of Tagalog words used throughout the story, readers will be delighted by Herning’s journey of self discovery.

Kristen Bernabe Sunby is a second generation Filipino Mestiza living in Chicagoland with her husband and two children. As a former high school English teacher and ESL tutor, she’s passionate about the art of storytelling through literature, art, and oral tradition. Cha Consul is a digital artist living in the Philippines.

Herning, Herning (Signed Bundle PRE-ORDER)

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