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My First Tarot is a 22 card major arcana tarot deck for kids. Acting as a companion deck to The Tarot Deck Mess, symbols and images appear on each card that reference and reinterpret well known tarot artwork in a child-centered and modern way.


The Lovers are two friends dancing on the beach. The classic image of Death on horseback is reinterpreted as a child composting in her garden, bringing new beginnings from that which has passed. The Tower is a sandcastle, threatened by an incoming storm.


Whether you’re already familiar with tarot or learning for the first time alongside your child, these cards are the perfect introduction to the major arcana archetypes.


This listing is for copies of the first printed edition of My First Tarot (2023). You will receive a 22 card deck in a matching tuck box. There is no guidebook with this deck as The Tarot Deck Mess hardcover serves as the guidebook.







My First Tarot Deck

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