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Join Sam and his friends from both sides of the veil as they celebrate the Pagan harvest festival of Samhain in Sam & the Samhain Scare, the third installment in Kathleen Converse’s Wheel of the Year series. Readers will enjoy rejoining a familiar cast of characters as Sam grapples with fears surrounding some of the more scary associations with late October, eventually learning the Samhain isn’t scary at all.


As the friends are joined by the spirits of their ancestors, they fire scry, read tarot, and share a harvest feast. Featuring illustrated rituals and spells after the story and backmatter on the history of Samhain, Sam & the Samhain Scare is perfect for families with an established Samhain celebration or those wishing to explore Pagan holidays for the first time.


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Flora & the First Day of Spring (2022)Luke & the Longest Night (2022)Sam & the Samhain Scare (2023)


Kathleen Converse is an eclectic witch and therapist based in Portland, Oregon. As a former elementary school teacher with a Master's in Social Work, she is passionate about raising magical children and helping adults reconnect to their inner child.


This listing is for copies of the first printed edition of Sam & the Samhain Scare (2023). You will receive an 8.5" x 8.5" hardcover copy with spot UV cover detailing.

Sam & the Samhain Scare

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