What We Publish

We're searching for children's books about magic, witchcraft, and spirituality. This can take many forms and your work should be reflective of your personal practice and experience.

Submissions are currently open for picture books and chapter books. Please note we're not looking for middle grade or YA manuscripts at this time. 

All submissions will be considered but topics of special interest include:

- Divination systems like tarot, runes, palmistry, etc.

- Mythology from around the world

- Underrepresented practices like Hoodoo, Brujeria, African Traditional Religions, etc. 

- Herbalism and plant magic

- Astrology and the zodiac

Please note that if you are a BIPOC interested in writing a book about your cultural practice without a completed manuscript, we would still like to hear your proposal. 

General Guidelines

Work should be unpublished.


Submit a complete and edited manuscript. No rough drafts, please. 

Narrative picture book manuscripts should be under 1,000 words. Non-fiction books over 1,000 words will be considered on a case by case basis. 

If submitting a chapter book, include the first 2-3 chapters in full along with an outline of the following chapters. 

Illustrations do not need to be sent with picture book manuscripts. If you are both the author and illustrator, please include samples of your work, sketches, or a book dummy.


If your work is part of a series, please only submit the first installment. Series potential and information can go in your cover letter. 

How To Submit

To submit, send us an email at hello@moondustpress.com with the subject line "Manuscript Submission" and your cover letter in the body of the email. Manuscripts should be sent as attachments.

Please include the following in your cover letter:

- A brief synopsis of the work

- A brief author bio

- Target audience

- Word count

- How your work fits into the Moon Dust Press catalog 

- Contact information and public social media handles

Manuscripts are reviewed on a rolling basis. You'll hear back from us whether your pitch is successful or not, but it could take up to 8 weeks. 

If you are an illustrator who would like to be considered for future projects, please feel free to submit your portfolio for consideration with the subject line "Portfolio Submission". We will contact you if there is a good project fit.